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September 2017

“The lesson is…”
4 September 2017
Anyone with a manager will probably recognise that situation where you’re enthusiastically presented with a ‘great opportunity’, but all you hear is a lot more work is coming your way! Two years ago my manager announced “I think you should enrol …

June 2017

The Drug Related Deaths crisis should shame us all
23 June 2017
After a lifetime of visiting cold Northern towns, the furthest place I’ve ever got to with work is Reading, and for all the many nice things you can say about Reading, it’s probably not on most people’s “places to go …

May 2017

Poverty costs us dearly
10 May 2017
In both the developed and developing world poverty is linked to poor health, whether biological, psychological or environmental. Economic disadvantage is a cause of poor health (people are deprived of education, resources, or access to healthcare) and a consequence of …

April 2017

One of the World’s most bizarre tourist attractions
12 April 2017
There’s been a lot in the media recently about the prisons in England and Wales. They’re overcrowded and under-staffed. There’s been an increase in violence, in terms of self-harm, suicide, rioting and assaults by prisoners on each other and on …

June 2016

Disseminating research findings and increasing public engagement through art
10 June 2016
Public engagement is an important aspect of academia. As researchers we tend to disseminate our work to an academic, service provider and policy maker audience primarily through report/journal writing, and conference/meeting presentations. Methods of disseminating research to the wider community …

March 2016

Beyond what we eat and weigh: A concept of ‘kindful’ eating and addressing the wider determinants of health
30 March 2016
Is health and wellbeing really just about what we weigh on the scale, or the amount and type of food and specific nutrients we place into our bodies? Are we really just a robot that needs to be programmed to …

February 2016

Qualitative Research at the Centre for Public Health
8 February 2016
The Centre for Public Health encompasses a wide range of research methods and data collection techniques to explore issues within a public health context. The centre is well known for its data monitoring and its capacity to carry out large …

December 2015

Northwest Region Forum and Student Event
4 December 2015
This November saw the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) hold its first event at LJMU. The event saw nearly 80 students from the North west come together to hear about the future direction of the CIEH and how that …

November 2015

A culture of collaboration
4 November 2015
During my degree I became fascinated by the role of culture in determining individual identity and ways of perceiving and being in the world. I had been encouraged to go beyond the commonly accepted and interrogate the taken for granted …

October 2015

European Society for Prevention Research Conference, Ljubljana, 22nd to 24th October 2015
28 October 2015
The lovely city of Ljubljana in Slovenia was the perfect location for the Sixth EUSPR Conference. The city offered spectacular walks, food and cultural opportunities. I also took part in the major running event held annually where 20,000 people come …