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January 2014

Ellie McCoy talks about the Turnaround Project in The Big Issue
23 January 2014
Ellie McCoy, researcher at the Centre for Public Health, was recently invited by the Turnaround Project, a community based support organisation for women offenders, to evaluate the effectiveness of their work.  During this evaluation Ellie found that the benefits to …

Potential dangers of illegal tanning injections
23 January 2014
Inside Out investigates the extreme measures some people are willing to go to for a year-round tan. While health warnings about sun beds are well publicised, the search for a constant tan has led some consumers to use tanning injections. …

Study confirms law flouted when selling booze to drunks
20 January 2014
A recent study has been published by Centre for Public Health’s Professor Karen Hughes and Mark Bellis, involving student actors who attempted to buy alcohol whilst acting extremely drunk in 73 drinking establishments in a city in North West England. …

Bars still serving drunks
16 January 2014
Bars in our region are breaking a law which prevents them serving alcohol to drunk people 84% of attempts by actors to buy drinks while pretending to be intoxicated resulted in them being served.a barman or woman serving them. Ashley …

Jim McVeigh to appear in BBC Inside Out North West
10 January 2014
Jim McVeigh, Deputy Director at the Centre for Public Health will appear in a BBC documentary talking about the issues surrounding the use of the tanning drug Melanotan.  The programme will air on Monday 13th January on BBC 1 in …