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Presentations 2017

club health

This page includes presentations (PDF slides) submitted by Club Health Dublin 2017 speakers.

Martha de Jonge Personas in Substance Use

Ken Pennington Terrorism and the Night Time Economy

Gregor Burkhart The Healthy Nightlife Toolbox

Zara Quigg Preventing the sale of alcohol

Vicki Craik PSA and Scottish Drug Scene

Tobias van Dijk DATA

Sarah Morton Nightlife and social exclusion

Ruben van Beek ALAMA-nightlife

Nicki Killeen Pills and Powders final

Nicki Killeen G presentation

Neil Brooks From the mouths of Mamba-heads

Monica Barratt Pill testing in Aus

Michael Livingston Lock out laws

Margaret Fitzgerald HIV among people who inject drugs

Lydia Davenport_how do we measure the impact of harm reduction based outreach

Lotte Voorham STAD in Europe

Karl O’Brien Young People & Cannabis

Julie Croiset van Uchelen Amsterdam dance events policy framework

Jochen Schrooten, Monitoring drug use

João Matias Drug use in nightlife settings in Europe

Hans-Jörg Helmlin Drugchecking Gjalt-Jorn Peters Party Panel

Emma Atkin-Brenninkmeyer Drug Consumption Rooms

Elena Gervilla, Social context and popular festivals in Spain

Chloe Sage ANKORS Drug Checking at Shambhala Music Festival.

Chloe Sage ANKORS Commmunity Drug Checking Project

Bert Hauspie Nightlife culture

Angelo Giglio PIN Turin

Alex Buecheli Zurichs approach to enhance pleasure

The 10th International Conference on Nightlife, Substance Use and Related Health Issues

Club Health Dublin 2017  |  24-26 May 2017  |  The Printworks, Dublin Castle

Web: http://theclubhealthconference.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClubHconference

Email: andrewmbennett@me.com