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World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Violence Prevention

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Evaluating interventions, reviewing evidence and delivering original research into alcohol consumption and harm across a range of populations and settings.


Public Health Institute brings together intelligence from international, national and regional sources, to provide policymakers and practitioners with the latest evidence on policy, practice and interventions.

Both original (quantitative and qualitative) research and investigations into published literature and established datasets are used to understand a range of topics including the role of alcohol in society; the health and social impacts of alcohol on individuals, the workplace and communities; motivations for consumption; awareness of alcohol information; the relationship between alcohol, other substance use and health behaviours and the impacts of interventions (e.g. education, brief interventions).

Public Health Institute has conducted research with a variety of populations including the general public, underage and young adult drinkers and service providers, and specific vulnerable groups such as those in contact with services and people who are homeless. Research is conducted across various settings such as workplaces, schools and nightlife environments. Recent work has examined levels of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm; the effectiveness of interventions aimed at reducing such harms; youth drinking cultures and the influence of the media/marketing on young people’s decision making around alcohol use; alcohol use and pregnancy; street drinking; alcohol-related violence and the harms people experience as a result of other people’s alcohol consumption.