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World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Violence Prevention

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Violence and unintentional injury

Supporting evidence-based violence prevention at local to global levels through original research, intelligence, evidence review and intervention evaluation.

Public Health Institute is a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Violence Prevention. We work within the UK and internationally to support effective violence prevention by helping partners understand the burden and impacts of violence, identify at risk groups, choose appropriate preventive measures and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.

PHI adopts an applied approach to violence prevention that provides the broad range of knowledge, skills, resources and evidence that organisations need to assess and address violence. This includes the development of intelligence systems providing multi-agency data on violence; original research among diverse population groups to strengthen understanding of the drivers and consequences of violence; systematic literature reviews to provide the most up to date knowledge of effective prevention; and intervention evaluations.

The collaboration with WHO has included the publication of a range of evidence reviews covering issues including knife violence, elder maltreatment and violence against individuals with disabilities. Public Health Institute has specialist expertise in youth and alcohol-related violence, including that in nightlife environments.

Project profile: Optimising the use of NHS intelligence in local violence prevention and measuring its impact on violence