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Telephone Research Team

Headset close upIn April 2013, the Public Health Institute launched an in-house telephone research unit to carry out large scale telephone surveys with a particular focus on population health and wellbeing. Along with the dedicated team headed up by Jane Webster, we invested in a sophisticated dialler system, which manages and distributes calls whilst simultaneously monitoring the productivity and efficiency of the survey. The dialler can be used to source telephone numbers according to specific project requirements, such as a random sample of households across England, or it can target specific geographical areas such as local authorities or individual postcode districts.

The call efficiency of the dialler system and the use of trained in-house research staff as operators ensures the highest quality data are gathered and increases the successful conversion rate of numbers dialled (40% successful conversion rate based on current campaign).

This initiative can be flexible to meet the needs of various different studies and projects and is a cost-efficient approach to surveying a range of populations.

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