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Bhakta Gurung

Bhakta Gurung

PhD Student


Bhakta Gurung, from Nepal, has recently begun the first year of MPhil to transfer to PhD which is being completed under the supervision of Professor Padam Simkhada, Dr Conan Leavey and Dr Sara Parker. Bhakta’s aim of the research is to investigate the access and utilisation of health and social services by the retired Nepalese Gurkha soldiers residing in the United Kingdom. Bhakta’s PhD will focus on exploration of the attitude, experience, expectation and satisfaction of the older retired Nepalese Gurkha soldiers in access and use of the health and social services from the perspective of their quality of life.

Bhakta’s mixed methods studies will enable the efforts to improve older retired Nepalese Gurkha soldiers’ access and use of health and social services; pose a way forward to get rid of the predicamental situation; and critical analysis of the socio-economic and demographic situation and the health and social services’ operational strategies towards the group of people. Bhakta’s research findings and recommendations would be useful to public policy planners in central and local authorities, service deliverers, researchers, academia, community organisers and those older Gurkhas themselves.

Bhakta completed a MA in Contemporary Global Issues in 2014 at the University of Winchester. He was a student activist while he was studying in Tribuvan University Nepal, where he completed his MBA in 2002 and MA in Sociology in 2003. Bhakta has previously worked as a central vice president of All Nepal National Free Student’s Union, a president of students’ union in Prithwi Narayan Campus Pokhara Nepal, and a regional secretary of the Asian Students’ Association in Hong Kong. He is actively involved in the social activities of Nepalese community in the UK.