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Professor Harry Sumnall

Professor Harry Sumnall

Professor of Substance Use


areas of expertise

Harry Sumnall is a Professor in Substance Use at the Public Health Institute. He is interested in all aspects of substance use, particularly young people’s health issues. Harry’s funded research programmes have examined the evidence base for substance misuse prevention and the mechanisms for implementing evidence based practice and policy. Harry also has research interests in psychopharmacology and addictive behaviours, with a focus upon causes, consequences, and experiences of drug use. He is also interested in the psychopharmacology of entactogens and hallucinogens and the developing field of new psychoactive substances (legal highs).

Harry is a member of the UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, and a Board Member of the European Society for Prevention Research.

Harry sits on the Editorial Board of the journal Addictive Behaviors, and is a reviewer for many journals including The Lancet, Psychopharmacology, Addiction, Journal of Psychopharmacology, BMC Public Health; Drug and Alcohol Dependence; International Journal of Drug Policy.

Grant Funding

  • Lead – Constructing alcohol identities. How young people navigate and make sense of online intoxicogenic marketing and culture. Sept 2013 – Sept 2014. £58,000. Funding body: Alcohol Research UK.
  • Lead – Promoting Excellence in Drug Prevention in the EU. April 2013 – April 2015. €590,956. Funding body: EC DG-Justice DPIP
  • Lead – SHAHRP and TATI alcohol misuse prevention programme (STAMPP): school based randomised controlled trial. November 2011 – January 2016; £1,044,370. Funding body: NIHR-PH Programme
  • Lead – Public perceptions of drug use in Warrington, UK. November 2011-March 2012; £15,000. Funding body: Warrington DAAT
  • Workpackage lead – Adolescents as customers. April 2011 – April 2013; €225,000 (component of larger €10m ALICE-RAP project). Funding body: EU
  • Lead – Social reintegration and reduction of social exclusion of drug users – Improving labour market participation of drug users in treatment. January 2011 – August 2011; €10,000. Funding body: EMCDDA
  • Co-lead – European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs;  UK survey 2011. November 2010 – June 2011. £36,000. Funding body: AERC
  • Co-lead – European Family Empowerment: Improving family skills to prevent alcohol and drug related problems. January 2010 – January 2013; €396,000. Funding Body: EU
  • Lead – Influence of media on transmission of drinking cultures in young people. March 2009 – September 2010; £100,000. Funding body, JRF
  • Co-lead – Review of effectiveness and cost effectiveness of PSHE. February – December 2009; £99,000. Funding Body: NICE.
  • Lead – Fieldwork to inform NICE guidance on prevention of alcohol use disorders. June – October 2009; £35,000. Funding body, NICE.
  • Co-lead – R&D Needs Assessment in Wirral PCT; December 2008 – March 2009; £20,000 Funding Body: Wirral PCT
  • Lead – Health Needs Assessment in NW Prisons. November 2008 – March 2009; £35,000. Funding Bodies: Liverpool, Sefton, and Salford PCTs
  • Lead – Behavioural change interventions in Cheshire and Merseyside. October 2008 – March 2009; £25,000. Funding body, ChaMps.
  • Lead – EU Standards in Drug prevention. 2008 – 2010; €284,507. Funding Body: EU Public Health Executive Agency
  • Lead – Fieldwork to inform NICE guidance on optimum provision of NSPs. September – October 2008; £35,000. Funding body, NICE.
  • Lead – Qualitative evaluation of service users experiences of community smoking cessation programmes. December 2008 – November 2009; £15,000. Funding body, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.
  • Lead – Young people substance use needs assessment; June – September 2008; £10,000. Funding body Cheshire DAAT.
  • Lead – Evaluation of Operation SafeSpace, Merseyside. June 2008 – March; £10,000. Funding body, Liverpool PCT.
  • Lead – evidence review of YP drug services in Blackburn with Darwen DAAT. January 2008; £10,000. Funding Body: Blackburn DAAT.
  • Co-lead – review of effectiveness and cost effectiveness of optimum provision of needle exchanges for injecting drug users. January – September 2008; £127,500. Funding Body: NICE.
  • Lead – cannabis use in Liverpool; September 2007 – January 2008; £15,000. Funding body Liverpool CitySafe.
  • Lead – Perceptions of new smoking cessation interventions by young people. September – December 2007; £29,683. Funding body: NICE
  • Collaborator – Inhibitory control and cue salience in alcohol abuse. June 2007 – June 2009; £283,104. Funding body: Medical Research Council
  • Lead – Reference methodological package on the EMCDDA General Population Survey Indicator. February 2007 – July 2008; €10,950. Funding Body: EMCDDA, Lisbon
  • Lead – Evaluation of projects working in High Focus Areas. January – December 2007; £98,226. Funding Body: Department of Health
  • Lead – A pilot intervention providing individually tailored feedback on alcohol consumption in University students. January – December 2007; £4915. Funding Body: AERC
  • Lead – Evaluation of Families First. November 2006 – December 2008; £83,312. Funding Body: Department of Health
  • Co-lead – Substance misuse interventions – fieldwork. September – November 2006; £45,000. Funding Body: NICE
  • Co-lead – Community based interventions for the reduction of substance misuse among vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. A rapid review. March – September 2006; £65,007. Funding Body: NICE
  • Co-lead – Evaluation of Alcohol Brief Intervention. November 2005 – March 2006; £9836. Funding body Preston PCT
  • Co-lead – Class A drug use in Wirral D(A)AT. April – November 2006; £28,276. Funding body, Wirral D(A)AT
  • Co-lead – Class A drug use in Knowsley D(A)AT. April – September 2006; £14,000. Funding body, Knowsley D(A)AT
  • Co-lead – Young People and Substance Misuse: Characteristics, Needs and Perception of Treatment Services of Drug Users Aged 18 to 25 in Liverpool. April – September 2006; £20,994.18. Funding body, Liverpool D(A)AT
  • Lead – Risk perception and risk taking behaviours in non-treatment seeking drug users. June 2006 – March 2007; £7006. Funding Body, British Academy (UK)
  • Co-lead – Work Programme on Drug Prevention Evidence Review and Dissemination. October 2005 – October 2006; £101,000. Funding Body, Department of Health (UK)
  • Co-lead – Scoping exercise on Drugs Prevention in the Community and Server Focussed intoxication management strategies. September 2005 – November 2005; £40,000. Funding body, NICE (UK)
  • Co-lead– Health Development Agency (currently National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence) Collaborating Centre (Drug Prevention). 1st April 2004 – 31st March 2006; ~ £100,000/year. Funding Body, NICE (UK)
  • Co-lead – Assessment, integration and delivery of evidence from government sponsored research on the prevention of drug misuse in a manner which maximises the implementation of evidence based practice. September 2004 – September 2006; £160,000/year. Funding Body, Department of Health (UK)
  • Lead – Assistance to European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) for the analysis of drug use profiles from EMCDDA Databank on surveys on drug use’. February – October 2004; €16,000. Funding Body, EMCDDA (Portugal)

Book chapters

  • Ross-Houle, K., Atkinson, A. and Sumnall, H. (2016) ‘The Symbolic Value of Alcohol Consumption: The importance of alcohol consumption, drinking practices and drinking spaces in classed and gendered identity construction’ in Thurnell-Read T (ed) Drinking Dilemmas: Space, Culture and Identity. London: Routledge.  https://www.routledge.com/products/9781138931145