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Professor John Reid

Professor John Reid

Visiting Professor


John Reid has over 25 years experience of working in various aspects of public health.

Since retirement from full-time work in health protection John has continued his academic public health interests alongside part-time consultant in public health locum or project roles.  In the last 12 months he has completed projects supporting public health services on public health emergency response systems; immunisation programmes; and Hepatitis C and other blood borne viruses.  In addition to this John also offers regular coaching and CPD facilitation roles and is undertaking research into public health CPD activities.

John currently delivers teaching sessions at Liverpool John Moores University on the MSc Public Health and BSc (hons) Environmental Health courses.  He also takes part in advising researchers and participates in research events.


  • MB, BCh, BAO. National University of Ireland 1979
  • MSc. (Community Medicine) University of Manchester 1986
  • MFPH by examination, 1986
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Health Economics, University of Aberdeen 1986
  • FFPHM awarded 1996
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning, University of Lancaster (via Edge Hill College) 2007
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy awarded 2007

In addition to the journal publications in the papers section below John has also contributed to the following publications:

Public Health and Epidemiology reports on Local Populations

  • Halton Health Annual Reports, 1988, 1990, 1991
  • Sefton Public Health Annual Reports; 1993, 1994-95, 1996, 1997; (and as collaborative reports with other Merseyside DsPH in years 1999, 2000 and 2001)
  • Cheshire & Merseyside Health Protection Unit Epidemiology Reports 2002-2003, 2004-2005 and 2006-07

Journal Publications

  • Reid JA, Hunt EJ - Medical Housing lines (letter) - BMJ 1986;293:628
  • Reid JA - Water safety (letter) - Community Medicine 1986;8:254-5
  • Reid JA - Uptake of Immunisation (letter) - BMJ 1988;297:484-5
  • Reid JA - Vaccination Viewpoints - Health Visitor 1989;62:121-3

Chemical Hazards and Poisons Reports

Whiteside C, Stewart A.G, McDonald P, Reid J. - Phosphine Poisoning Closes A/E. - Chemical Hazards and Poisons Report; January 2003.

Helen Casstles, John Reid: Education & Training- North-West Public Health Voluntary Register Support Programme: Environmental Public Health and Emergency Planning Module. - Chemical Hazards and Poisons Report; December 2004.

Reid J, Jarvis R, Richardson J, Stewart AG. - Responding to chronic environmental problems in Cheshire & Merseyside- Systems and Procedures. - Chemical Hazards and Poisons Report; May 2005.

PHLS Communicable Disease reports (CDR Series)

  • Reid JA, Carter JM – Hepatitis ‘A ‘in an inner city primary school - PHLS CDR 84/24
  • Williams ALJ, Reid JA – Glaziers- Suspected Transmission of Hepatitis B - PHLS CDR 86/02.
  • Reid JA, Hunt EJ, Potts H, Williams S – Shigella Sonnei Outbreak in a playgroup -PHLS CDR 86/49
  • Reid JA, Chambers G – Shigella Sonnei Outbreak in a primary school -PHLS CDR 86/53
  • Reid JA – Unusual Site for Heaf test - PHLS CDR 88/13.
  • Reid JA, Rothburn M, Hunter P – Consumption of raw eggs and salmonella enteritidis phage type 4 infection in body-builders - PHLS CDR 90/47.


  • Reid JA, Quigley C – CCDC Peer review audit toolkit - In PHMEG Audit Briefcase 1991 and in the Nuffield Institute Audit Guidelines in Public Health Medicine 1992.