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William Llewellyn

William Llewellyn

Visiting Lecturer


William Llewellyn is a scientist and author in the field of nutrition and hormonal medicine. He is currently CEO & Director of Research & Development for Molecular Nutrition, a popular sports supplement manufacturer. He also the founder of HRT-Rx, a national network of age management physicians.

As an inventor, Llewellyn has been granted patents on several performance-based nutritional supplements, and entered into licensing agreements with some of the industry’s largest companies including Cargill Inc. and Universal Nutrition. William has also served as technical consultant for various movies, TV shows, and books, including the critically acclaimed documentary film Bigger Stronger Faster. He has also lectured at international medical conferences, and appeared in major media including EPSN, FoxNEWS, and ABC TV. He is the author of several books including ANABOLICSand the Sport Supplement Reference Guide.

William is considered to be the leading US authority on the misuse of anabolic steroids within the general population.