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TIIG Contacts

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E: tiig@ljmu.ac.uk

Simon Russell, TIIG Project Lead
T: 0151 231 4500 | E: S.J.Russell@ljmu.ac.uk

Other contacts

Karen Critchley, Criminal Justice Project Lead
T: 0151 231 4290 | E: K.A.Critchley@ljmu.ac.uk

Zara Quigg, Violence and Injury Research Manager
T: 0151 231 4501 | E: Z.A.Quigg@ljmu.ac.uk 

Mark Whitfield, Intelligence & Surveillance Manager
T: 0151 231 4314 | E: M.Whitfield@ljmu.ac.uk

Howard Reed, Intelligence & Surveillance Systems Manager
T: 0151 231 4036 | E: H.D.Reed@ljmu.ac.uk